Shifted Realities – A (new) New Orleans Typology (New Orleans, LA)

 View along Freret
 Entry/Community Plaza
 Sectional Perspective
 Model showing materiality
 Conceptual Sketches

DSGN4300 – Europe Study Abroad Studio · Summer Semester 2010 · Professors Byron Mouton, AIA & Cordula Roser-Gray, RA · 4 Weeks

Shifted Realities – A (new) New Orleans Typology deals with the various shifts that need to occur to create a new housing typology to match the new realities of New Orleans post-Hurricane Katrina while keeping positive aspects of the traditional New Orleans Housing typologies, namely the front porch. With a FEMA requirement to building livable levels above the base flood level elevation, the ground floor becomes an open outdoor area for both residents and community. Unit geometries are shifted for daylighting, outdoor space, and reducing exposure to the western sun.

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