Cummins Corporate Office Building – Kevin Roche/John Dinkeloo

Oh Cummins Engine Company….I’m probably one of the only kids from Columbus who didn’t have a parent that worked for them growing up. However, without Cummins and J. Irwin Miller, it’s highly likely I would not have become an architect. […]

Reykjavik Sunset

Reykjavik Sunset, 2017, 10×20, Acrylic on Canvas, $350 Perhaps Reykjavik’s most well known and prominent landmark, Hallgrimskirkja is designed as a basalt pillar shooting up through the earth heading towards the sky and God. Utilitarian and a bit brutalist in […]

Gullfoss Waterfall, Iceland

Chasing Waterfalls

Chasing Waterfalls, 2017, 18×24, Acrylic on Canvas, $600 Inspired by Iceland’s Gullfoss waterfall I wanted to capture the beauty of nature, power of water, and the brisk atmosphere of an Icelandic fall day. An underpainting utilizing an icy blue hue […]