Rethinking Histories – The Orleans Avenue Canal (New Orleans, LA)

Harnessing Water

Views along the path

Response to Lakeview neighborhood

Exhibition Path

Sectional Perspective

Site Plan

Conceptual Diagrams/Sketches

Rethinking Histories – DSGN5100 (with Drew Mazur) – Advanced Studio Elective · Fall Semester 2011 · Professor John Klingman, RA · 16 weeks

Given a historically rich site at the beginning of the Orleans Avenue outfall canal, histories of site were reimagined to create an appropriate beginning for the new Orleans Avenue outfall canal. The levee becomes habitable, creating single and multifamily housing, an exhibition path remembering the physical history of the site, and a restaurant as well as a path connecting Lakeview and City Park. The wetland becomes an area of repose and passage, a void contrasting with the newly programmed levee, and also serving as bioremediation of storm water run-off before its eventual passage to Lake Pontchartrain. The exhibition path becomes a floodwall, unleashing memory instead of holding back water, enabling New Orleans to regain its identity as a water city.

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