Collisions of Duality – A New Dance School for the Moulin Rouge (Paris, France)

Night Render

Theater Lobby / Courtyard / Atrium Void

Longitudinal Section Through Void

Museum Level / Atrium


Facade Exploded Axonometric

Contextual Sketch

Collisions of Duality – DSGN3100 – Architecture Design Studio · Fall Semester 2009 · Professor Kentaro Tsubaki, RA · 12 weeks

Collisions of Duality explore the notion of collisions inherent in the urban fabric of Paris, France and how those collisions can inform the Solid/Void relationship in architecture. The collision of Haussmann’s plan versus the medieval, organic layout of Paris informs the void space of the building, creating an axial public void. Public functions inhabiting the void space inform the semi-public and private solids of the school and vice versa. As in dancing, where the bodies of the dancers create void space between them, the void space can also inform the dancers in their movements. By breaking up the program into three solids representing a group of dancers, a glazed public void opens up allowing light to enter the school, a crucial concern for an urban infill project that typically only has access to light from one side.

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