Stitching the Neighborhood – Bayou (St. John) Bazaar (New Orleans, LA)

 Market stroll
 Aerial View
 View from Across Bayou St. John
 Concert Venue
 View from Orleans Avenue Bridge
 Sectional Perspective
 Ground Floor and Site Plan with Context
 Conceptual/Formative Diagrams

DSGN4100 – Advanced Studio Elective · Fall Semester 2010 · Professor Kenneth Gowland, RA · 12 weeks

Stitching the Neighborhood: Bayou (St. John) Bazaar creates a centralizing force out of Bayou St. John, which had previous importance in New Orleans, but has fallen out of favor and now divides the Mid-City Neighborhood that surrounds it. By taking aspects of scale, rhythm and use from the surrounding context, a new fabric is stitched into the neighborhood that creates a cohesive whole once again. The bazaar serves as both a neighborhood market and as a formalized festival ground, utilizing aspects of vernacular architecture’s response to the New Orleans climate to create an Urban Veranda/Amenity that plays host to festivals (drawing in people from all over New Orleans) and the everyday need of supplying the neighborhood with goods.

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