Le Petit Cabine – New Orleans Passive House (New Orleans, LA)

 House within a House

Exterior Gallery

Floor Plan

Wall Section

Le Petit Cabine – Design By Many Competition · April 2011 · With Michael Crosby, RA

The Design by Many Competition tasked entrants to take Passive House standards more suited for colder climates and adapt them to the Hot and Humid climate of New Orleans. One of the hallmarks of Passive House is Envelope Air-tightness, which does not work in a Hot and Humid climate. Super-insulating principles were kept while adding the time-tested climatic response of cross and stack ventilation. The house becomes a home within a home, creating exterior sheltered spaces with an armature that provides solar power, ventilation, and privacy if desired. The interior home can be opened up to the exterior spaces through the use of large thermal-break, insulated windows.

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