The Story of Building – Sverre Fehn’s Museums

Norsk Bremuseum (Norwegian Glacier Museum) - Fjærland

Norsk Bremuseum

Hedmarksmuseet (Hedmark County Museum) - Hamar


Norsk Arkitekturmuseet (Norwegian Architecture Museum) - Oslo

Norsk Arkitekturmuseet

Aukrustsenteret (Aukrust Center) - Alvdal


Ivar Aasen-tunet (Ivar Aasen Center) - Ørsta

Ivar Aasen-tunet

The Story of Building: Sverre Fehn’s Museums – 2011 John William Lawrence Research Fellowship · Summer 2011 · Research, Lecture and Published Book: Click here to Purchase

The museums of Sverre Fehn tell a story. A story of building, place and time. One of modern architecture’s lesser known figures, Fehn was both a modernist and regionalist, interpreting Modernist ideals within the Norwegian lexicon of heaven and earth, life and death, sense of place, and his notions of moving the horizon. Many of his works are lesser known due to their remote locations, all but one of his museums being located in the Norwegian countryside that shaped his approach to building.

Fehn tells a story with his museums. The museum becomes the object due to careful examination and placement of exhibits. The architecture becomes a story of place, of time, one that moves the horizon. The connection of heaven and earth is always apparent in the architecture; the way the museums meet the sky and the way Fehn brings in and moves the horizon within his buildings.

By researching Fehn’s work, a new understanding of combining global theory with regionalist thought will emerge. In my research, I have prepared a story of interaction with Sverre Fehn’s museums and the context that shaped his approach through sketches, photography, and experiences. This interaction will serve to further understanding of the notions of place and story; phenomenological aspects of building that make the invisible become the visible.

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