Segregation (Both/And) Intergration – The Louisiana Civil Rights Institute (New Orleans, LA)

Translucency/Publicity at Dusk
 Courtyard/Performance Area
 Sectional Perspective
 Entry Stair
 Gallery Bridge
 Fourth Floor Study/Library
 Morphology/Structural/Cladding Diagrams
 Cladding Sectional Model
 Conceptual Sketches

DSGN3200 – Integrated Design Studio · Spring Semester 2010 · Professor Doug Harmon · 16 weeks

Segregation (Both/And) Integration explores the both/and condition of dualities versus the traditional either/or. A bridging gallery and unifying Cor-ten steel facade integrate segregated community and institute buildings. The gallery creates an uninterrupted plaza that serves both institute and community. Gallery, community and institute spaces integrate at the main stair, which through the use of reclaimed sinker cypress, evokes a front porch condition for the institute, allowing it to be both public and private, rarefied and everyday, segregated and integrated within the community.

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