About Me

Josh Mings, AIA is a licensed architect and artist living in Chicago, embracing both the art and science of architecture and painting. Josh strives for four core values in his work – be it in built form or on canvas:

  • utilizing both pragmatism and poetry to convey meaning and allowing a building or painting to speak
  • connecting to history, context, and site through a dialogue incorporating both similarity and contrast
  • striving for inclusivity by being didactic, allowing a read of the various layers making a building or painting
  • optimism through a pushing forward into an uncertain future, creating work of lasting value for future generations

In the realm of architecture, Josh has worked on a variety of projects in multi-family and senior affordable housing, encompassing new construction and historic preservation/renovation projects, at a variety of scales. While painting, Josh focuses on landscape and building subjects striving to bring out each subject/location’s essence and meaning while also focusing on light, texture, and materiality.

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