Unity Temple / Oak Park – Frank Lloyd Wright

The last couple months have been a bit of a whirlwind, but as some of you may know I now live and work in Chicago. I’m still getting settled in and am currently making a master list of everything to explore over the next few years. This weekend I took advantage of nice, if not chilly for someone still used to New Orleans weather, days and went out to Oak Park to see Frank Lloyd Wright’s works in the area, and to take the tour of Unity Temple that I didn’t take 10 years ago. It didn’t disappoint.

Look forward to more frequent posts as I explore more of my new home! First up – Unity Temple. Probably my favorite of the FLW Buildings (I’m not a huge FLW fan, which is blasphemy in Chicago – I’m firmly in the Sullivan camp).

Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio – I didn’t take a tour of this one, as I did 10 years ago. I’m sure I’ll head back sometime in the spring (I essentially go west on my street for 6 miles and take a left to get there).

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