Two Days in Bergen, Norway

After 2 and a half weeks of travel, Bergen was the perfect place to end my trip (it helps when the above is the view from the hostel). I had heard nothing but wonderful stories from both travelers and natives about it (An elderly gentleman that I met on the walk from the Ivar Aasen-tunet to the airport raved about it), and Bergen didn’t disappoint, except for it rained/was cloudy the entire time I was there (except for the morning I left to come back to the States). I really liked the Bryggen, the fishing wharf that is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The interstitial space between the buildings was very interesting due to the ad-hoc building of stairs/additions/etc… and in a way reminded me of courtyards and passageways in the French Quarter of New Orleans.


Bergenhus Fortress:

The next time I head to Norway I think I will begin my trip in Bergen so that I am able to see more of the city. Enjoy the pictures, and next up will be the Aukrustsenteret in Alvdal in the next couple of days!

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